Slik blir 2011

John Strand tegner opp telebransjens 2011 på forskudd i denne kommentaren. Får han rett?

From super size to right sizing – how to build and operate mobile networks in the future   Telco prices are dropping around the world, operators are facing financial pressure and demands from shareholders of maintaining margins are allresulting in the constant need for cost optimisation   Focus has traditionally been on each individual operator building their own networkand where the operator with the largest customer base often had the largest and best mobile network with the largest turnover However with continually decreasing prices and increasing competition and after a long period where operators have cut costs in all areas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new areas where operators can save money - unless they start slaughtering some of the industry's holy cows   Quite simply it is safe to say that outsourcing central parts of an operator's company and sharing networks and infrastructure are all areas that operators just a few years ago considered core business and extremely important areas for differentiating themselves on the market   Today we are

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