John Strand i Strand Consult frykter digital apartheid, altså at kun teleselskapene blir underlagt reguleringer, mens innholdsleverandører får boltre seg fritt i nettene. (Bilde: Håvard Fossen,

Nettnøytralitet og digital apartheid

I en sterkt sarkastisk artikkel angriper John Strand det han mener er manglende innsikt i nettnøytralitet hos journalister og EU-politikere. Han frykter et regime der bare teleselskaper må bøye seg for reglene, mens innholdsleverandører som Google får fri tilgang. Det kaller han digital apartheid.

Many talk about net neutrality but few have spent the time needed to understand the complex topic. Not only are net neutrality rules being proposed around the world, but they are increasingly coupled with proposals for regulation of the internet and internet companies.

Strand Consult’s team of top academics has studied this issue in detail to produce a report “Understanding Net Neutrality and Stakeholders' Arguments”, 340 pages that explore the issue in various countries around the world. To date, a number of media have covered the sensational aspects of the issue, but few have investigated the unintended consequences of the rules that could impact the entire internet ecosystem.

Most of the stories on net neutrality echo the same refrain, that rules are needed to keep telecom companies from abusing their customers.  But less critical attention is brought to internet companies such as Google and Facebook, not to mention governments, which certainly have the capabilities to abuse their users.

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