Hartwig Tauber er generalsekretær i FTTH Council Europe.

Mot slutten for "best effort"-bredbånd

"Opptil"-hastigheter er ikke lenger godt nok. Nå kommer reguleringene, skriver generaldirektør Hartwig Tauber i FTTH Council Europe.

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Would you be happy if a supermarket charged you for a full litre of milk but when you got home you discovered that the bottle was only half full? Of course not! Yet broadband service providers are allowed to charge consumers the full price for an “up to” service, regardless of whetherthey can actually deliver that speed.

Broadband service providers maintain that "up to" is the only way they can effectively advertise broadband, given the congested nature of the Internet and the technical constraints of the access network, but is this really an acceptable explanation?

It is technically possible for service providers to deliver the access speeds they promised... using fibre to the home (FTTH). A well designed fibre access connection is physically capable of delivering 100% of the advertised speed, unlike telephone cables whose ability to carry high-speed electronic signals decreases with increasing distance from the end user to the exchange or cable television networks that share broadband capacity among all of the users in the neighbourhood.

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