Senioranalytiker Nicole McCormick i Ovum leder selskapet forbrukeranalyse av mobilkommunikasjon. 

Datapakker senker kostnadene

Datapakker er billigere både for kundene og operatørene, hevder Ovums Nicole McCormick. 

After a significant amount of discussion and hype, “bucket plans” are beginning to gain traction around the world.

Bucket plans are a tariff structure where a monthly data allowance is shared between all of a user’s connected devices.

Spanish incumbent Telefonica is the latest tier-1 mobile operator to launch a bucket plan, and US operators Verizon and AT&T Wireless are expected to follow suit in June 2012 with their LTE services. With the ownership of multiple mobile broadband devices increasing, it was only a matter of time before operators made it more convenient for users to manage their various data plans.

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