Ovum-analytiker Matthew Howett mener britiske Ofcom gjør smart i å fokusere på innendørsdekning.

Britene vil ha fire operatører og innendørsdekning

Storbritannia gjør klokt i å legge vekt på innendørsdekning i auksjonsvilkårene, mener Ovums Matthew Howett - i sin gjennomgang av de britiske auksjonsvilkårene.

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Over the past six months Ofcom has had the unenviable task of finalizing what is almost certainly the most complex auction of its kind. With legal threats and public awareness campaigns, there has hardly been a week without reference to how far behind Britain is falling in the 4G race. The final set of rules outlined by Ofcom mostly maintains the regulator’s key positions, albeit with some tweaking around the edges. The most striking thing about the statement is just how watertight it is, a

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